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Provides the combined benefits of a water softener and reverse osmosis system in a single centralized water treatment system with no chemicals.
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Over a century of water treatment industry experience allows us to provide an environmentally friendly solution that is setting a new standard in water conditioning.
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The HydroDI system allows customers to save water and energy, improve water quality and reduce wastewater discharge.
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530 Howard Street, Lower Level
San Francisco, CA 94105
Telephone: (800) 778-5092
FAX:(415) 494-8117

Why choose HydroDI?

Our patented electro-deionization water system
combines the benefits of a water softener and RO
system to the homeowner…with no salt or chemicals.
HydroDI™ is the next generation of water treatment
providing clean, bottled-water quality to every tap
in the home.

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Company Highlights

Kemflo International Invests in HydroNovation Inc. Series C Financing

HydroNovation's exhibit showcased its revolutionary technology with product designs featuring the chemical-free, environmentally-friendly HydroDI system in April 2013 with strong support from the water treatment industry.

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