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Fresh, clean water at every tap

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Environmentally Friendly

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Peace of Mind

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Eliminate hard water scaling and spotting

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Water softener benefits without the salts or chemicals

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Superior Water. Salt Free. 

Learn why the HydroNovation water filtration system is the right choice.

Latest News

HydroNovation Relocates Headquarters to La Palma, CA
La Palma, CA., June 30, 2015 - HydroNovation has recently completed the relocati...
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HydroNovation Launches Point-of-Entry Alternative Water Treatment System at 2015 WQA Aquatech Show
New HydroDI™ Offers The Benefits of a Water Softener and Reverse Osmosis System ...
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Terry Heckman Appointed as Regional Sales Manager
HydroNovation announced that Terry Heckman has joined the company as their Weste...
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Evoqua Supplies New Membranes for HydroNovation’s Salt-free Solution
 San Francisco, CA, May 20, 2014 -- Today, Evoqua Water Technologies Inc. a...
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Unique Approach to Water Treatment

The HydroDI module treats hard water while unprocessed water enters the tank, treated water is used. The water is cycled from the processing tank through the HydroDI module and clean water is returned. After a water quality set-point is achieved, the system goes into an idle mode. This process repeats periodically as water is consumed.


What Our Customers Are Saying

  • “Competing technologies (if not restricted) are either still too high in total dissolved solids or are too low to meet our beverage feed water quality specifications. The... Continue...
    Arne Luoma, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, LLC

  • “As a retired water treatment dealer, I am particular about my water - my HydroDI provides great tasting water and I am no longer picking up and unloading bags of salt. My wife... Continue...
    Hollister, CA

  • “Our HydroDI system is a great addition to our home...taking a shower feels luxurious since the slippery feeling is gone. Our water tastes great now and even the kids drink the... Continue...
    Dixon, CA

  • “We’re in a brine-restricted area with ongoing water quality issues. Traditional treatment cannot address our needs for consistent beverage quality and protection of our... Continue...
    Beverage Retailer




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