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HydroNovationAbout HydroNovation

Founded by water technology pioneer Anil Jha in 2008, HydroNovation Inc. has grown into a leading manufacturer of electro-deionization modules and unique components for commercial and residential water treatment applications.  As a trusted corporate partner, the company now supplies complete water solutions for a wide range of customers.

Hard water, a widespread problem in the U.S. and worldwide, contributes to white scaling, which can reduce the life and efficiency of plumbing and appliances. Traditional salt-based water softeners cause concentrations of sodium chlorides in the wastewater. As a result, regulation introduced in certain municipalities limits the use of the salt-based systems.

Unlike conventional water softeners, HydroDI systems eliminate the need for salt and other chemical additives. By applying a process called electro-deionization, which reduces potentially hazardous substances and hardness minerals, HydroNovation’s innovative water treatment systems – under the trademark HydroDI™ brand – deliver optimal drinking water with no long-term effect on the environment.

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530 Howard Street, Lower Level
San Francisco, CA 94105
Telephone: (800) 778-5092
FAX:(415) 494-8117

Why choose HydroDI?

Our patented electro-deionization water system
combines the benefits of a water softener and RO
system to the homeowner…with no salt or chemicals.
HydroDI™ is the next generation of water treatment
providing clean, bottled-water quality to every tap
in the home.

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Company Highlights

HydroNovation Appoints Terry Heckman as Regional Sales Manager

Kemflo International Invests in HydroNovation Inc. Series C Financing

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