Providing homeowners peace of mind at every tap.

aquadashThe first commercially available home or commercial business real time data monitoring and system control program in the market today.

The optional AquaDash water monitoring software tool will permit the professional water treatment dealer the ability to monitor the installed HydroDI water system on a real-time basis.  The AquaDash program provides numerous data collection fields  that are organized in a user friendly graphical dashboard layout.  This results in real-time oversight of a user’s water quality to ensure safe clean drinking water.

The AquaDash will allow the professional water treatment dealer the ability to better plan preventative system maintenance as well as detect and correct any system performance issues on 24/7 basis.  There is no longer any guessing by the water dealer or the homeowner as to the proper functioning of their home or business water system.

The AquaDash system provides real-time insight on:

  • feed water quality
  • product water quality and usage
  • pre-filter life monitor
  • HydroDI cassette life monitor
  • Optional taste filter life monitor
  • Optional microbiologic UV system life monitor
  • HydroDI system run time
  • System diagnostic verification
  • Error codes sent via text

In addition, the AquaDash program will send any error, preventative maintenance and leak detection messages via text to the professional water treatment dealer for assistance and support.

AquaDash - the latest in-home and commercial business real-time monitoring of your water system performance and operation. 

Note:  The optional AquaDash remote monitoring system requires access to the local WiFi in order to transmit data on a periodic basis to a centralized cloud-based HydroNovation server for storage and review.



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