The HydroDI™ G2 Commercial Water System

The combined benefits of a water softener and a reverse osmosis system

The HydroDI™ G2 water treatment system  offers great-tasting water without the use of salt or chemicals. The system has an approximate water efficiency rating up to 90%.

Optional AquaDash™ 24/7 remote monitoring is available with each system, providing users with added peace of mind.


Features & Benefits

  • No handling of salt or chemicals
  • Consistent quality water producing better tasting beverage regardless of fluctuating feed water quality
  • Daily capacity up to 1,440 gallons per day, 120 gallons per hour
  • Less downtime and longer equipment life
  • Operates within a wide variety of water pressures
  • Optional AquaDash™ 24/7 remote system monitoring
  • Ability to repurpose any discharge water with optional collection equipment to meet greater than 100% water efficiency for water scarce regions



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