HydroDI: The natural evolution of water treatment

Scale build up from hard water causes a variety of problems in residential households as well as industry. Clogged pipes can result in reduced water pressure, scale deposits on showerheads and other appliances, restricted flow, and reduced product life. Scale causes undesirable aesthetic effects such as soap film on shower tiles and doors, and spots on silverware and glassware. The most costly result of scale build up is the fouling of heating elements in water heaters. Scale reduces the water flow and decreases heat transfer costing the homeowner extra money on their energy bill.

The HydroDI system is a salt-free electro-deionized water treatment system that actually produces better water. This system uses membranes and electricity to produce bottled-water quality that eliminates scale formation throughout the home. HydroDI combines benefits of a water softener and RO system to the whole home without use of any chemicals creating water the way nature intended.

Use HydroDI technology for bottle-water quality with no harmful after-effects.


Improve Water Quality

  • Bottled water quality at every tap in the house
  • Spot-free glassware and dishes.
  • No mineral deposits on bathtubs and shower stalls.
  • Brighter, softer laundry.
  • Reduce soap usage
  • Pipes remain free of calcium scale build-up.
  • Spot-free car

Longer Appliance Life

  • Extended water heater life from no scale build-up providing a 50% longer life and consuming 29% less energy.
  • Longer appliance life span from conditioned water adds life to the washing machine & dishwasher.
  • Improved efficiency reduces energy consumption, resulting in lower utility bills.

Promote Sustainability

  • Energy Savings:  Cleaner equipment lowers utility bills and improves energy efficiency by over 20% or more
  • Wasted Water:  Less water going down the drain and saving gallons annually
  • Reduced Waste:  Eliminating bottled water reduces the environmental impact of 22 billion bottles discarded worldwide
  • Eco-Footprint:  Eliminates the chemicals and additives plus longer appliance life contributing to a smaller footprint



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