“Competing technologies (if not restricted) are either still too high in total dissolved solids or are too low to meet our beverage feed water quality specifications. The ability to “dial in” your final product water quality using an environmentally friendly technology meets all of our needs. We view our water as another critical ingredient to our beverages. Simply put, better water means better beverages.”

Arne Luoma, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, LLC

“As a retired water treatment dealer, I am particular about my water - my HydroDI provides great tasting water and I am no longer picking up and unloading bags of salt. My wife appreciates spot-free dishes and no scale on faucets.”

Hollister, CA

“Our HydroDI system is a great addition to our home...taking a shower feels luxurious since the slippery feeling is gone. Our water tastes great now and even the kids drink the water from the tap and fill their sports bottles. We’re the envy of the neighborhood.”

Dixon, CA

“We’re in a brine-restricted area with ongoing water quality issues. Traditional treatment cannot address our needs for consistent beverage quality and protection of our expensive equipment. Now, we have quality water that provides a better tasting beverage to our customers - they love us.”

Beverage Retailer



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