Better water. Better Beverage.

The HydroDI water processing system is setting new standards in water treatment In the commercial segments including:

  • Extends equipment lifespan reducing down time and total cost of ownership
  • Ice machines have lower freezer build-up caused by scale
  • Longer life for equipment with heating elements with soft water
  • Warewashing equipment is more energy efficiency with spot-free dishes

A new standard is being set in specialty coffee and tea beverage production. Simply put, our motto is Better Water. Better Beverage.

HydroDI treated water provides the best water quality for great tasting beverage on a consistent basis. Coffee and tea are comprised of 98 percent water so it makes sense that the water quality is critically important in making superior brewed beverages. A certain amount dissolved mineral ions are required to provide the correct flavor for the taste, but too much hardness can impact equipment’s life expectancy.

Improved Beverage Quality
HydroDI water delivers the optimal water quality specifications for total dissolved solids, mineral hardness, pH and alkalinity per the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA). The result is perfect water for brewing beverages in a single system.

Preventing Scale Saves Money
Excessive dissolved minerals in water forms a hard scale on equipment surfaces and fixtures. This insulating scale build-up leads to the reduction in equipment efficiency, an increase in energy requirements, and higher maintenance costs. Water treated with the HydroDI system prevents this build-up by removing the scale-forming minerals in the supply water.
Better Water. Better Beverages
Water impurities adversely affect the taste of water and beverages in food service establishments. HydroDI system water is lower in total dissolved solids and other impurities which is equivalent to bottled-water quality. Consumers prefer our enhanced water used in the production of sodas, teas and coffees.

Preferred Solution for Brine Discharge Regions
The salt-free HydroDI system eliminates sodium chloride discharge in the wastewater versus a traditional salt-based water softener. HydroDI is becoming the preferred treatment method in brine discharge municipalities.





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