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Q: What is hydro-deionization?

A:  The patented hydro-eionization™ (HDI) process uses electricity and an advanced ion specific membrane to remove dissolved ions, producing fresh and clean water. The technology is an adaptation of Evoqua Water’s continuous electro-deionization technology that has been used for the past 20 years in the production of ultrapure water in the pharmaceutical, microelectronics and power industries.
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Q: Is HydroDI™ environmentally friendly?

A: Yes, the system is environmentally-friendly using no chemicals or additives. Since it treats water without salt, there’s no chloride discharge and it produces 70% less wastewater than conventional reverse osmosis systems.

Q: What contaminants does the HydroDI system remove?

A:  The HydroDI removes anything that is ionizable therefore we remove a percentage, typical 70 to 80% of any ionic impurities. We refer to positive charged ions as cations. This would include the scale forming ions such as calcium and magnesium, as well as variety of other cations including sodium, potassium,  and lead to name a few. We refer to negative charged ions as anions. Typical anions include chloride, nitrates, arsenic and sulfates to name a few. It does not remove gases such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen, etc…. We incorporate pre-treatment filtration in our HydroDI system to remove particulates down to the size of 5 microns.  That’s about the ½ the size of a human hair!  We also recommend that a carbon filter be added to the system.  A carbon filter will remove chlorine (added by the municipality) and other trace organics.

Q: Do I have any control over the taste of the water HDI produces?

A: HDI provides consumer taste flexibility by allowing the user to determine  the desired product quality while removing the unpleasant taste and odor in the water.

Q: Does the HDI system work on chlorinated water supplies?

A: Yes, the HDI system is chlorine tolerant.

Q: What is the maximum hardness the HDI system can handle?

A: Maximum hardness of the feed water is a concentration of 23 gpg.

Q: What is the maximum level of iron, manganese and sulfide the HDI system can handle?

A: The HDI system can a maximum allotment for iron, manganese and sulfide of .01 ppm.

Q: What is the allowable feed water operating pressure?

A: The feed water pressure range for the HDI system is 35 to 65 psi.

Q: Where is the system installed?

A: The system is installed after the bypass valve with a pre-filtration treatment process and before any other water appliances.



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