How it Works

Although water may appear to be clear to the eye, there are countless dissolved ions in solution.  These ionic impurities are the frequent cause of spotting, scale build-up, unsightly fixtures and bad taste in water. Typical ions include sodium, calcium, magnesium, nitrate, chloride, as well as a host of other potential unhealthy ions.

These dissolved ions are unique in that they all have either a positive or negative charge associated with them. HydroNovation uses this attribute to employ electricity and ion specific membranes in a patented technology called hydro-deionization to remove these unwanted ionic impurities.

How does it work?

The HydroDI™ Process:

Supply water with these ionic impurities from your municipality enters the HydroDI processor.

A low voltage DC current is used to transfer ions within the HydroDI processor. Within the cassette module, the positively charged cations are attracted to the negatively charged cathode electrode while the negatively charged anions are attracted to the positively charged anode electrode. In addition, anion and cation membranes layered within the cassette either allow select ions to transfer through the membranes or trap them within the membrane layers. The end result is fresh, clean water.

A small amount of water with the unwanted ionic impurities is discharged either to a drain or it is repurposed for another beneficial use including landscaping or irrigation. This provides a bonfide100% water efficient treatment system that is good for the environment.




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