The HydroDI™ system is revolutionizing water treatment for residential and commercial water use. The first-of-its-kind technology extracts ionic impurities that contribute to poor taste and scale buildup, delivering fresh and clean water to every tap in the home or commercial business.

Combining the benefits of a water softener and a reverse osmosis system, HydroDI simplifies water treatment, eliminating the use of salt and chemicals.

The patented HydroDeIonization™ (HDI) process uses electricity and an advanced membrane to remove dissolved ions, producing fresh and clean water. Clean and ionically balanced, the treated water is ideal for all water uses…. drinking, bathing, brewing and cleaning.

The HydroDI system is backed by an industry leading 10-year lifetime warranty. For added peace of mind the system employs AquaDash™ - the only remote residential monitored system on the market.



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